30 Patterns Floreali 02 V. n4 A e B – free photoshop pattern

Patterns flowers variant n4

30 Patterns Floreali 02 V. n4 A e B

Download the patterns, is free!

30 Patterns Floreali Download the files just share to get your ones

patterns-flowers-02v4-A.pat, readme-first.pdf

patterns-flowers-02v4-B.pat, readme-first.pdf

We have created this free downloadable patterns on our site www.risorsedigrafica.it. You can download the files without paying anything, just share our work in social platforms like facebook and twitter. Ask for money for a job that is a passion we do not like, however, we decided to use the plugin for wordpress “socialloker” why so a bit of visibility more we get. So if you like this pattern download it and use it as megli ocredi, but please support us.

As use patterns in photoshop:
Once you download the zip file, double-click with the left mouse button. Double-click the file with extension .pat photoshop and add the files within the program. Or open Photoshop, choose the tool and clone pattern using the appropriate tools to upload the file .pat
Thank you.

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